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About: AlPhoNS is an advanced web based photo gallery, written in Perl and using the MySQL database.


    pretty and easy
    user authentification, album permissions
    nested albums
    theme support
    forum and voting system
    support for different image types, including ZIP archives
    automatic creation of thumbnails, image resize and rotate
    move images between albums, move album trees, set the order of appearance
    display exif info, set other image info


New Stable Version Released
February 18, 2005
Version 2.0.5 is released. Fixed slow upload of large zip files, prev/next page bugs, gif file upload. Now you can use SHA-1 for passwords when MySQL is on a platform not supporting crypt(). And finaly the script is a little bit kinder ;)
February 13, 2005
Version 2.0.4 goes live with several new features and some bugfixes. AlPhoNS now comes with theme support and 2 additional themes. A script, which tries to guess your configuration, makes the installation and the upgrade of existing installations easy. The support for ZIP archives allows to upload quickly a whole album, using just one ZIP file.

Screenshots: Main theme (OTTO), Theme Hura, Theme Milenishte


The latest stable version is 2.0.4 and is available from here.

Installation instructions:

Pretty much run and follow the instructions. But in any case, here are the steps needed for install.
1. Run, it will check for dependency of perl modules, create alphons dir and update the permissions.
2. When asked whether to update the database, if you answer 'yes', configure will export old data, recreate tables and then import the old data. Else you better check and do the same steps manually.
3. Make the changes to httpd.conf that configure prints out.
4. cannot check for existance of netpbm, at least it's not that easy. So it's up to you, to check and isntall it.
5. Edit .config file in AlPhoNS directory. There aren't many options, and they are documented.


Apache, Perl, MySQL, netpbm. And the following perl modules, available from CPAN: File::Temp, Image::EXIF (optional), DBI, DBD::mysql, CGI, CGI::Session, Config::IniFiles, HTML::Template, Archive::Zip (optional) and Archive::Tar (also optional).


For bug reports and request for help please send email to the maintainer Nickola Trupcheff at


Nickola Trupcheff - Programming
Milena Trapcheva - HTML
Todor Andonov - Design of home page and the main theme OTTO
Hristo Ginev - Design & HTML of theme Hura
Special thanks to: AngelFire, Avalon and VOX Logo